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About our candles

This is a video i made about our candles.   Jewelry In Candles has created an Eco-friendly soy based candle filled with amazing essential oils.  This makes all of JIC’s scents completely natural and smell like the real deal.  If you’re ordering a pecan pie candle or tart you’re getting the real smell of a pecan pie.  Not just some sub par candle that smells like artificial pecan pie and gives you a head ache.

Even with this company expanding and growing the way it is, you still get a hand poured candle.  If you think about that its truly amazing.  There are over 80 scents and growing and each one has the choice of necklace, earrings, and ring. Each ring has 5 different sizing’s.   Our CEO Micah doesn’t compromise on quality.

Each surprise is wrapped in a cute and colorful piece of tin foil and buried inside your candle.   You cant see it until you start to melt your candle.  Micah is passionate about creating a unique home fragrance experience you will love. Choose from an elegant variety of earrings, necklaces and rings for men or women valued from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars. All products  also feature unique designs and include bonus prizes. Bonus prizes could include free products, gift cards, video gaming systems, TVs, DVD players, high-valued jewelry and much more.

We are not just a ring in candle company.  There is just so much more.  You get the choices with JIC.  If you have smaller or larger hands than the average person then most other ring in candle company’s wont fit you.  With Jewelry In Candles you not only get to pick your style but your ring size if that’s what you pick.

The choice is easy with our Eco-friendly high quality candles.


A live reveal.

This is a video of my self opening my surprise jewelry inside a candle incentive from the company.  Jewelry In Candles looks after their reps well.  When you first join there is a three-month incentive.  If you sell what you need to then they send you a specially made candle just forthe reps three month challenge.  As if this company wasn’t awesome enough we get a special scented candle and amazing jewelry reveal.

The scent smelled amazing as soon as I opened the box it came in.  Yes that’s right, each candle comes in its own beautiful little box.  All safe and sound.  The scent was sweet orange chili pepper.  I was so proud to of made my three-month fire-starter challenge I didn’t even really think about the jewelry surprise at first.

The video is live while I attempt to sound like im good at making videos.  Forgive me it was my fist one.

So I opened the reveal and found the best looking pink diamond heart necklace.  Not only did I like it, but it was something I would wear as well.  The quality of the candles and their scents speak for themselves enough but the fun and excitement of waiting for your reveal to be accessible enough to take out is amazing all on its own.  It really is the gift that gives twice.  There are so many different reasons to give JIC as a gift.


Free Jewerly In Candles trial

June 22/2016
This is a video that I made for our new Replight kit available until June 30.  Its a free 3 month trial for Jewelry In Candles

Hostess rewards

Feb 20/2016
This is my hostess video I made.  Host an online party or house party if your on Vancouver Island and let the free gifts flow. ❤ ❤


Rewards Video

Feb 18/2016
Just a video I made about our amazing rewards program for Jewelry In Candles


Valentine’s day

Feb 12/2016


Candle video

Feb 12/2016


Candles video

A video I made about our candles.
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