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Direct Sales

Feb 18/2016
Well I am on the search for another direct sales company.  I love Jewelry In Candles but think doing make up as well would be worth it.  I am trying to search Canadian companies first but will go with quality in the end. I think doing a party where you can get candles or make up would be fun. 

My weekend

Feb 18/2016
Well this weekend was a busy one for me.  I had a lot of private scent show and tells.  They all went really well I think.   I got to visit my father this weekend.  who just so happens to be a bachelor for a week.  His wife is away for a week helping her sister renovate her new house.  We had a lot of fun.  We got Chinese food the first night and called it an early night.  We both only had a couple hours sleep the night before.   
I then made my way over to my step sisters place.  I love seeing my niece.  She is such a little ham.  Always entertaining.  We had a very casual dinner then I went and got us some Dairy Queen as a treat.  I did two show and tells that night at her place.  I woke up that morning for a cuddle with my niece and her asking if she could watch Elmo on my phone. 
I went back to my dads place for dinner.  I made him scallops wrapped in bacon and pork ribs.  It took a while but was well worth the wait.  As a chef normally I always have a balanced meal but my dad was so excited about his choice of dinner stuff I could hardly argue. It was delicious and we watched Master commander.  What a good show. 
I woke up this morning and my dad insisted on making me breakfast. ❤ ❤  I love that he does that for me.  Its nice as a chef having someone willing to cook for you.  He made bacon, eggs and toast.  I drank too much coffee and had a bit of anxiety going into work for the day. 
It all ended going over well.  I did a banquette for 150 people for the Chamber of Commerce.  I did bread and butter, Caesar salad, Mediterranean orzo pasta salad,  butternut squash and rutabaga, roasted potato, 9 cut chicken, and stuffed pork loin with a mushroom gravy. 
everything went really smooth.  The day ended better then I started out feeling. 

Adult coloring

One of my pages I just did in my coloring book.  My best friend got it for me to help with stress.   I love it.

Oculous rift

Feb 11/2016
Wikipedia: The Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display developed by Oculus VR. It was initially proposed in a Kickstarter campaign, during which Oculus VR (at the time an independent company) raised US$2.5 million for the development of the product.

So one of my nerdy friends Jordan has been asking me to come and try his Oculus for the past year.  He asked me to bring over my samples so he could pick out a candle for himself so I went over tonight.  

It was very neat.  It even worked with my glasses.  He gave me the non scary version.  Its basically just exploring different places.  The only part that got to me was the ending.  It made me feel a bit disoriented.  You fall from this construction like site and start twirling on the way down.  That is the end of the program.  It was still neat but it made me feel super weird for like five minutes.  

If you are into technology this 3D program is super neat.  

My live reveal

This is the reveal video from my fire starter candle ❤


The last picture is the actual photo i’m copying.  Its a work in progress.  

Vendor event.

Jan 30/ 2016

I had the Valentines Day fair this night.  It was my second vendor event.  It went way better then the other event and there was less people.  The woman organizing the event didn’t advertise enough for it.  I brought my little sister along this time so I was able to leave and go to the washroom and such.  I couldn’t believe it but my last event someone must have gotten confused and taken some of my scent samples with them instead of my samples I made for free to give away.  
The table looked much better this time.  A 10ft table is definitely the way to go.  My candles and tarts looked great spread out properly on the table. With my sisters creative eye and mine we made a beautiful display.  
The night was not too busy but it was successful.  I made a lot of connections and got my name out there.  That is all I can do is keep working the name right now.  The more I get myself out there the more people I reach.  
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