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Jewelry in candles black Friday sale!

This sale goes all weekend!  Wow this is super exciting.  Don’t miss out on these deals people.

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Pink Flame

The above is a picture of my new Pink Flame candle that has just come in today.  I chose Mulberry punch as the candle scent and have to say that I’m very pleased with the scent.  I have been really looking forward to getting a chance to smell the newest scents added to the new Pink Flame line.  The watch I chose is the Ladies gold-toned and soft pink stainless steel watch: Size: 40 mm L (dial diameter) x 40 mm W x 9.8 mm H Jewelry Base: Stainless Steel Color: Soft Pink/Gold Plating Color: Goldtone finish Retail Price: $42.00

I have to say that the quality of this watch is amazing.  It looks even more impressive in person.  If I received this with my own Pink Flame candle I would be incredibly impressed. This candle is definitely going to make some lucky lady very happy in the near future.

This Pink Flame candle is the white peach silk blossom.  I could not wait to get a sniff of this baby!  I have to say the scent is more floral then peach.  I was expecting a lot of peach with this one and was pleasantly surprised by the subtle peach mixed with the natural floral smell.

With the peach candle, I chose an amazing tennis bracelet. I have been dying to see what one of these looks like in person and can honestly say that I’m blown away with how sparkly and beautiful this one is.  You can find this one under the Pink Flames section called trendsetting tennis bracelet: Total carat weight: 5.5 ct Materials: Cubic Zirconia Setting type: Prongs Stone size: 3 mm Stone cut: Round Stone color: Clear Retail Price: $50.00

I have decided upon these two Pink Flame candles in hopes of them both making an amazing and special holiday present for a loved one.  I have done a poll on my Vancouver Island Jewelry In Candles group on Facebook and rings was the top pick from all of the ladies and bracelet and watch the next two.

If you are looking to create your own wonderful Pink Flame combination have a look at:

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Online Party draw. Over $200+ in gifts


I’m hosting a draw for a one night stay at the wonderful Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna BC.  Included will be a one-night accommodation in the Arms deluxe guestroom.

This amazing hotel has been a part of Kelowna since 1926 and a part of the amazing view in Kelowna on the lake.   Their restaurant is known for its amazing food.

Included in this draw is two $50.00 certificated to be used anywhere in the hotel including the amazing restaurant.   On top of that will be one $50.00 orchard park mall gift card as well to make your get away a fine experience.

To qualify you need to book a home party or online party and gross at least $200.00 US to qualify.  On Dec 01 the person with the party with the highest sales will win this getaway.


Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.  It is worth $250.00 +

To be a part of this amazing draw contact me on facebook or book a party online

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JIC Party Tarts


Well, this is a new thing that I find super fun.  Party Tarts were originally created only for reps for live parties to do a reveal with.  Each one of the cubes is  different with jewelry inside.  JIC is now giving you the opportunity to purchase your own just for fun.  These are a great idea for so many different reasons.  A great gift idea as you can break up the cubes and put with a dollar store tea light warmer and wrap up for the holidays.

Another great reason is if you aren’t sure what scent you want you can get a variety with these awesome party tarts and have a reveal for each scent.  Oh my, the fun that can be had with these awesome tarts.  This will only be for a limited time so don’t miss out.

—-> get your tart <—-

JIC Nation Online Party


I am now booking up for online parties for Sept.  Jewelry In Candles offers and amazing program to get host benefits by hosting a party with JIC.  Their party benefits are better than most candle companies out there.  If you sell over $500 US you receive a special host candle free.  It is called exclusively yours and it smells amazing.  This candle is only for hosts and is not for sale.

If you love candles like I do then this is the way to gain some amazing benefits from JIC.  If you have some friends who will also like JIC Nation products hosting and an online party is the way to go.  It is a great way to stock up and get a head start on your Christmas presents while gaining free shipping if your party reaches $200 US or more.

Your rewards for after your party are great.  The more you sell the more % you get off your total order.   You also gain 50% off items the more your party sells the more 50% off items you will gain.  If your party reaches $750 US in sales you’re eligible for the 31oz host candle with four different scents and 4 pieces of jewelry inside for $39.96 US.

JIC offers online parties or house parties.  You can now host an online party with me and gain all of the amazing benefits JIC has to offer.  Keep in mind that JIC Nation is no longer just Jewelry In Candles and offers many different products from weight loss coffee to wrinkle cream and body scrubs.  All the products JIC Nation has to offer are valid for your online party.

For my information or to book a party with me —–> Request a party now.




5 Benefits to using scented candles


These days there are thousands of different candles out there, so many different choices.   For the most part, we use scented candles as a luxury item.  But what makes us love candles so much?  I will give you a few of the benefits from your scented candle you may not have thought of.

1.) Enhanced relaxation

One of the most powerful ways to use a candle is while you’re taking that quiet moment to yourself.  Candles have been used as religious and spiritual rituals around the world since there have been candles.  The soft illumination of the flame can touch your soul.  By creating a calming sensation candles can help you focus putting you into an enhanced state for creative freedom.

2.)Not harmful to the environment. 

When you make the choice to use a soy based candle you are choosing a healthier environment.  Soy wax doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals used in paraffin wax.  You are stopping all of those chemicals from entering your lungs whenever you light your candle.

3.) Candles are an expression

Candles can be that added touch to your surroundings you have been needing.  Each one looks different and says a different thing about your personality.  Take time picking out your next candle and you might notice a difference in the flow of energy in the room.

4.)Essential oil scents

When the candle you have is scented with essential oils you have the benefit of enhancing your moods with aromatherapy.  Different oils can help stimulate different moods.  Lavender is great to help with a calming effect.  Eucalyptus can help with sinus problems you may be having.  Essential oil scented candles also won’t harm your lungs in any way because they are completely natural.

5.)Trigger memories

Everyone has a scent memory.  Choose a candle that will bring you back to a moment in time where you were feeling happy.  Apple pie could remind you of all of those amazing moments spent with your grandmother making pies.

JIC Nation Warranty


One of the coolest things about JIC to make them different then all of the other ring in candle companies is they actually care if you’re happy with what you got in your candle. The first 60 days they will replace the style of jewelry you got free of charge.  If at anytime you are unhappy you can return the jewelry and get a new one for only $10.  There is no limit to a number of times your allowed to return your jewelry on the lifetime exchange program either.   Even better, they will return competitors jewelry too!  Can this get any better?

JIC wants to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.  It’s so easy if you’re not, send it back and you will get another piece.  If you have been wanting to try JIC but unsure you will like what you get, now is the time.  If you’re picky like I tend to be we don’t need to worry about that with this company.


Pink Flame Jewelry


JIC Nations Jewelry In Candles has always been ahead of the competition with the ring in candle craze. Where most companies only offer rings, JIC had always catered to those who like choice, by offering different style options. They not only allow you to pick between necklace, earrings, and rings, but you get the choice of size with the rings. You are never getting a randomly sized ring in your candle with JIC.  JIC Nation ensures the ring will fit by giving you the choice of size if you decide upon ring as your style. This allows the ladies with smaller/larger than the average size fingers to be given the opportunity to get a ring that will fit.  Rings are not only for ladies either. There are many candles with options for Mens rings too.

Jewelry In Candles has always offered an exclusive limited edition candle called Pink Flame.   In the past, they have been for sale for only a short period and showcase a higher quality jewelry from a specific jewelry company.  They are offered for only a short while as the jewelry company partners up with JIC to showcase their jewelry so JIC gets a discount and offers it with their pink flame candle.  Each pink flame candle has a new jewelry style and new scent.  The scent is usually exclusive to pink flame and can not be found in the regular candles section.

Now JIC Nation is offering a different Pink flame option.  They are now offering the choice of style jewelry with the choice of scent.  This takes the Pink Flame program to a whole new level.   You get even more options now with the Pink Flame.   Who knew JIC would offer even more options for you if you would like something of a higher quality then leaving it up to fate with their regular candles.

unnamed (2)

Here is a slide show to show you the Pink Flame exclusive candle options.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1.  Aspire – Aspire to new heights with a rejuvenating blend of apple, pine, lemon and sage balanced with calming jasmine, lavender, and rose with base notes of cedar wood. An enlivening fusion of nature’s most inspiring scents
  2. Fearless Romantic– A fearless combination of lemon, lime, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, clean musk, and pepper. Inspired from Abercombie’s & Fitch’s popular men’s fragrance, Fierce.
  3. Love Potion-What better way to say I love you than a classic love spell. An irresistible fusion of cherry blossom, citrus, hydrangea, apple, and peach.
  4. Lovestruck Dreamer-Be lovestruck with this sultry balance of bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine, and linden blossom complemented with soft notes of musk and amber. Inspired by Victoria’s Secret’s popular fragrance, Bombshell.
  5. Sweet Orange Chili Pepper-A sweet and spicy blend of orange, tangerine, fiery chili pepper, and sparkling bergamot.
  6. Ocean Breeze-Experience the ocean’s breeze with our fresh, rejuvenating blend of apple, melon, orange, and bergamot balanced with lavender.
  7. Pink Champagne– Savor every breath of this delicious blend of bubbly champagne topped with fresh citrus, fragrant lilies, and crisp cider. No bottle opener required.
  8. Banana Nut Bread-A true-to-life combination of fresh, ripe bananas topped with walnuts, vanilla, and sweet spices.
  9. Apple Cider-A delicious mix of red and green apples with hints of sweet peach, cinnamon, nutmeg, mulled cider, nutmeg, and clove.
  10. The Gentlemen– Unleash masculine seduction with a bold blend of herbal and woody notes.
  11. Vanilla Latte-Get energized with an enticing blend of vanilla cream, hearty roasted coffee beans, sugar, and cocoa.
  12. White Peach Silk Blossom-Fill the air with an elegant and sophisticated bouquet of sweet peonies, lilies, floral sandalwood, musk, and fresh peach.
  13. Mulberry Punch-A sweet and fruity mix of mulberry, apple, peach, cherry, and orange spiced with cinnamon.

All of these amazing scents are either exclusive to Pink Flame or some of the top sellers in the regular candles.


New to Pink Flame is you now have a number of different jewelry styles to pick from.  Each, in turn, will show you a picture and a value of what it is worth.  You can now choose what you would like with your candle scent.  The choices to pick from are earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches, all of which are higher quality styles.  The above picture is from a JIC rep reveal.  It is the Striking Halo Tennis Bracelet:  Total Carat Weight: 18.63 Ct Materials: Cubic Zirconia Setting type: Pave Size: 7-inch Clasp: Lobster Stone cut: Round Stone size: 5.9 mm, 1.3 mm Stone color: Clear Plating color: Silver tone finish Style: Tennis Retail Price: $142.00

unnamed (12)

Here is a slideshow to highlight just a few selections you can get with your Pink Flame candle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



JIC Nation

Jewelry In Candles has expanded emensly in the past year.  The company is no longer just candles with jewelry inside.  They now offer an array of beauty products such as body butters with jewelry on the side, wrinkle eraser, body scrub.  There is also cafe naturals that offers this amazing weight loss coffee. 

There is more changes to come so stay tuned for more exciting updates soon.

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