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Emily the Scentsy Lady



Alright, it’s time for another review.  I was put in touch with this lovely lady named Emily Noel who sells Scentsy.  Boy did she ever answer all of my questions.   I gave this company a 5-star rating.  Not only do they provide you with an amazing array of warmers for the wickless melts they offer.   Not only do they carry so many different and unique warmers but they offer plug-in warmers.


$59.40 is the retail price for this amazing warmer and by far one of my favorites on the site.


Lose yourself in a beautiful garden, where watercolor petals and branches come to life in a graceful, luminous display. Color-changing LED provides a spectrum of subtly changing the light.



At the moment Scentsy has over 80 different varieties of the awesome scent bars.  Each one of these bars is 2.6 oz and just packed with an awesome scent that will fill your house with your desired scent.


One thing I just learned from Emily is Scentsy is not just scent bars and warmers.  They provide everyday cleaners and laundry supplies.  I have seen some of Emily’s informational videos and the cleaners peaked my interest.

Counter clean is an all purpose cleaner that forms a clear barrier on any sealed surface that gets stronger with regular use… added bonus when using on stainless it fills scratches! The hand soap is what it is.. but doesn’t leave your skin dry… I have been wiping kiddos nose 10 trillion times a day and that soap doesn’t dry my skin at all – Emily

If you are looking to be pampered and have a mini spa day Scentsy can help with that as well.  I gave a rating of 5 stars because the site offers something for everyone.  They even have a kids section.  This is really a one stop shop place for anyone who loves their house smelling amazing.

Scentsy offers online or in home parties and opportunities to become a rep.

For more info and to have a look: Scentsy website



White Magick Alchemy candles


White Magick Alchemy

I am featuring this company because of how awesome and esthetically pleasing their candles are.  I am not one for magic myself but these candles are absolutely amazing. I just can not get over how pretty some of them are.

Nancy of White Magick Alchemy is of Norwegian, Romany and Hungarian decent. The company is from United States, California.  She practises paganism in the old world tradition and by no means claims to be a “witch”.  She also states you do not have to be a witch, pagan, or Wiccan in order to enjoy her product.

That is where I come in.  You will see with some of the candles I will feature just how amazing her products are.  You do not need to be a witch to see the value that is there in the quality of her candles.


Peaceful Home . Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle 2×3 Pillar . Clear Negative Energies within you Sacred Space, Balance, Renewal, New Beginnings $20.15


Witches Path . Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle 2×3 . Amethyst, Heartwood Resins . Transformation, New Beginnings, Spiritual Journeys $20.15


Queen of the Witches . Hekate Magick Candle . 2×3 Pillar . Spirit Workings, Psychic Awareness, Divination, Transformation, Personal Growth $20.15


Faerie Worlds . Ambrosia Candle 2×3 . For Faerie Magick, Sight, Nature Spirit Workings, Joy, Play, Enchantment $20.15


Haunted Harvest Candle . Lammas, Mabon, Samhain with Myrrh, Saffron, Ginger, Sandalwood, Orange, Resins, Bronze Pentacle Pendant Charm $20.15


Frankincense and Myrrh Alchemy Candle 2×3 . Blessings, Love, Peace, Abundance, Healing, Purification $20.15


Hot Sugar Love Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle 2×3 . Sugar, Amber, Lavender, Rose, Chamomile $20.15


Summer Sunset Pillar 2×3 . Summer Solstice, Evening Illumination . Grapefruit, Lemon Verbena, Lime, Lily, Creamy Vanilla Sugar $20.15

I could just keep on going.  This is by far my favourite company so far.  The mystery and spirituality of this company are compelling just on its own.  The beauty in the candles is on a different level then I’ve seen yet and I love all things candles.  The company sells more than just candles.  they do crystals, essential oils, sage smudges and so so so much more.

I will be ordering one of these beauties for myself as I just can not resist something this beautiful and spiritual.

Check them out!





Hartmont Candle Company.



I have been on a local candle company obsession lately.   This company is not “officially” local but did two years as a test on Granville Island.   They are a family owned company based from Manitoba.  You can still get their products from Dee Dee Booski Clothing Company – 106 – 23343 Mavis Avenue, Fort Langley, BC and Pharmasave –  720 Memorial Avenue, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

The Hartmont farm became and official candle company in 2006.  That was when they received their first official order and launched their candle business.  Everything that goes into their candles from the wax to the wick is sourced in North America.

The Hartmont family takes making candles very seriously.  They hand pour all of their candles and products.  They put a lot of time and effort into making the candles ensure nothing but the best product.   You will never receive and identical product as they are made up custom every time.  The experience and effort put into their candle making will ensure you love anything you choose from their company.

My all time favorite from the company that gets me all excited is they offer tea lights!  In so many different scents I lost count.  This is truly amazing as there are so little candle companies that offer tea lights.  Cedar sage sounds very neat.


click here to get your tea lights now.

Their candles are super cute and soy wax so they burn longer than your average paraffin wax candle.  All of their candles are colored and called Aurora candles with different scent combinations.  Some of their scent choices and combinations are outrageous.   I commend them for being so inventive and creative with their choices.  Sweetgrass and cedar sound pretty neat.  A 10 oz candle has a 90 hour burn time which is pretty impressive.  I must try one of these out.


Get your aurora candle now

The company doesn’t stop at just candles either.   They offer lip balms, moisturizer, candle melts, and soap as well.  Be sure to check out this gem if you’re a candle lover like me.



Vancouver Candle Co.


Vancouver Candle Co. is another local gem to British Columbia, Vancouver.  The artisan who makes the wonderful candles is Nick Rabuchin.


Their candles are a soy wax blend with 100% cotton wicks.  All us candle fanatics know how important a good wick is.  They use only locally and ethically sourced materials and their candles are free from all the harmful additives paraffin wax provides.

Their candles are 10.9oz a good size in my opinion.  They state on their site they burn for 60 hours for the size of the candle I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted even longer.  The one I want to try the most is the Kitsilano candle.  It’s a floral musk of jasmine, tuberose, lemon, and sandalwood.  I tend to love jasmine and sandalwood scents. This candle retails at $38.00


They also provide a very cute wick trimmer, for those of us who are serious candle burners this is a wonderful option.  It retails at $20.00


I will be ordering one of these gems as soon as I can.  I love local companies and think if you can it’s important to support our local businesses.  The candles are simple and elegant and sound like the have a ton of love put into them.  I can not wait to try the Kitsilano.

I will add once I have ordered and received my Kitsilano candle my personal review of the scent and burn of the candle.


Click the blue link to get yours now



Fanny Bay Candle Co.


Fanny Bay Candle Company is a local company to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  They offer some pretty awesome variety of candles.   They offer large candle sticks, chunky glimmers and shimmers, classic tapers, cone pillars, living candle collection, decorated tapers, gift boxes, pyramids and triangles,  rustic pillars in both unscented and scented, seasonal, specialty, square, votive, eco friendly, and specialty candle options.

The chunky glimmer and shimmer has to be some of my favorite candles.  They have some very aesthetically pleasing candles if you are looking to support locally on Vancouver Island and want something pretty to have on display.


This candle is under chunky glimmers and retails at $5.99 only . You can get it here:


My other favorite is their living candles.  They have starfish candles that are super cute.


these are by far my favorite.  They are very beautiful and unique to Fanny Bay Candle Co.  You can get yours now  it retails at $22.99

I highly recommend you have a look at Fanny Bay Candle Co. and see for yourself some of the cool candles they have to offer.  If your in search of some unique and locally made product Fanny Bay Candle Co. may be just the thing for you.

Top 10 cutest candles.

1.)  Kitty candles


I absolutely love kitties and candles so my number one has to be this kitty candle.  They are no longer being made anymore when I sourced them out on Etsy.  what a terrible shame as I would have loved one.

2.) Starbucks candles


These very cute Starbucks candles are made by Wic-Ed Candles.   I love that they are recycling jars and making them into some really cute candles.

3.) Ice candle


I was unable to source who made this candle but had to include it as I

think its so neat.


4) Crystal glass candles


I found these on my Pinterest.  Made by Frankie Gusti.

5.) Candle roll


These candles can be found at Cabelas. They have their own cut off so your candle only burns for about a half hour.

6.) Mini potted plant candle.


These candles are a great idea if you want a plant look and the use of a candle.  They are just too cute.  they can be found online at Everbuying.

7.) Marble candle


These gorgeous candles can be found at Candles Etcetera.  The beautiful marble look would be a great addition to anyone’s home.

8.) Ivory Curve Candle


These amazing creations can be found at Maiden.  They have different styles as well as the shells.

9.) Hand carved candle.


This amazing find is an etsy find.  They are very creative and beautifully unique.

10.) Puzzle wick candle.


I would love to have one of these at home.  This candle is very creative and a great idea.  The only source I could find was The Meta Picture.

Candle by the hour review



Ok, I have to admit the is literally the cutest candle ever!  I love that it’s made from pure beeswax that coils up from the burning plate to the clip. The candle will burn for approximately 20 min. per inch exposed above the clip. Once the flame reaches the clip, it extinguishes itself.

I love everything about this candle.  The coil of wax is a neat idea.  I can not wait to get myself one of these candles.  If you love candles like I do and burn them a ton but forget about them this will be the perfect candle for you.  This candle would be great as a gift for any candle lover.  I’m not certain how the automatic cut off will be for people who want to burn for longer than 20 minutes.  It may end up being a bit of a hassle from some of the reviews I read on their site.

Overall I’d like to give this candle a 4.5-star rating as it is unique and esthetically pleasing. The holder looks cute and has a very functional and efficient cut-off.  I am also a huge beeswax lover.  I will give 4.5-stars and not 5 because of the inconvenience it may cause some customers in having to reset the cut off every 20 minutes to continue to burn.

You can get your coil candle with a built in cut off at Cabelas- Get it now

Top 5 100% organic hand made candles.

1.)  Rawganique


Hand-rolled Hemp Beeswax Candle, completely natural and soot-free. Aromatherapy, light, and warmth all wrapped in one beautiful handmade 100% natural beeswax candle with 100% hemp wick. Hemp wick is from organically grown European hemp. Hand-made in USA with love. Burns cleanly without soot or smoke.

The candles are made in the USA.  The company is committed to giving nothing but completely all natural and simple products.  This is my top pick as the company offers so many other organically sourced products I fell in love.

Shop now

2.) Emz Blends


100% Pure Certified Organic Beeswax candles means that Emz Blendz wax comes from apiaries where honeybees are treated with the highest ethical standards! No chemicals, synthetic materials or antibiotics are used in their management. They are left with an adequate quantity of their own honey and pollen. They are kept in an area where within a four square mile radius there is only organically produced plants or wild vegetation.

These candles are hand-made in Oregon USA.  The company is an organic soap company and sources bees-wax from an ethical supplier. When the bee’s wax supplier is out Emz is out of candles until it is safe to get more wax.  I love the standards this company holds with not having the candles when wax isn’t available from the supplier.

Shop now

3.) Wild Heart Organics

Wildheart OrganicsSanctury

Wildheart Organics Sanctury PHIL WILKINSON PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO 01316186373 – 07740444373

Vegetarian product make using no prtochemicals or toxic substances.  They have a few different wellness candle lines. The categories include: relaxation, stress relief, happiness, meditation, and energizing.

The candles are made in Edinburgh and hand poured.  The owner is a wellness seeker and wanted to give an ethically sourced product you can feel good about using.  If your into health and wellness this company will be a great match for you.

Shop now

4.)Emmas So Naturals 


Eco-Soy Candles are the healthy alternative candle: all natural and handmade in Ireland from the highest quality Eco Soy Wax. Emma’s So Naturals is an environmentally conscientious company from sourcing ingredients, design and packaging locally – to hand producing candles in re-usable, recyclable or biodegradable containers.

An Irish, family run business, based in Ardee, Co. Louth, Emma’s So Naturals was established in 2010 by Emma Fallon.

Shop now

5.) Happy Hippbee Candles


Each candle is hand-poured and uniquely crafted with pure beeswax and therapeutic grade essential oils.  The owner hand makes your candle after you purchase especially for you.  The owner is a yoga teacher, holistic healer, and health enthusiast. This company just had to make my top five as I love to support someone who creates something with great standards.  The company is based in North Carolina

Shop now


Other company comparison to JIC

I wanted to put together a comparison so people could see first hand the differences in other companies to Jewelry In Candles.  I have researched many of the ring in candle companies and included five.

1.) Jewel Scent



Company:  Jewel scent

Wax: Natural soy blend

Size: 16 oz for candles and 6oz for wick less tarts.

Where: California, USA

Price: $44.99-$19.99

Different scents:  21

I would rate this company the second closest in the running to Jewelry In Candles.  They have very attractive labels.  The company also offers scrubs, creams, soaps and bath beads that come with a ring inside.  You can get a lot out of this site.  The prices vary upon what you choose.   You get to pick your ring size with this company but does not come with any other jewelry styles.

2.) Charmed Aroma


Company: Charmed Aroma

Wax:  Soy blend

Size: No size shown I could see

Where: Canada

Price: $44.00- $26.99

Different scents: 11

This company is a runner-up.  I have personally ordered a candle and burnt it.  The candles come in a very attractive jar with lid.  At the time I ordered one they only had 5 scents.  A co-worker ordered all of them.  They smelled fabulous.  Points for quality on scents.  The company also offers soap, body butter, and scrub with rings.  My only thing is you do not get a choice on your ring size.  If you have smaller or larger than average hands your ring wont fit.  The rings come at random with sizes 6-8 inside.   You don’t get anything but rings as an option.

3.) Fragrant Jewels


Company:  Fragrant Jewels

Wax:  Proprietary coconut wax blend

Size: 16oz

Where: California, USA

Price:  $59.95-$24.95

Different scents: 24

I really liked the company statement.  They are working to give high quality candles.  They are doing so by giving ecologically sustainable production so the packaging is both elegant and 100% recyclable.  They also state that they do not outsource the production to china and keep everything local to support USA.  I am interested in the coconut wax blend.  I haven’t seen anything else with that out there.   The company offers bath beads, and bath bombs on top of candles.   The candles are simple yet attractive with their labels and you have the option of other products with rings inside.  You also get a choice of sizes 5-10  They do not offer any other style of jewelry though.

4.) Diamond Candles


Company: Diamond Candles

Wax: Natural soy wax

size: 14.5 oz

Where: Duram, North Carolina

Price: $39.99-$27.99

Different scents: 27

This company pours their candles at their factory in North Carolina.  Their mission statement includes a love story about their co-founders engagement and how the idea got started.  The company has very simple labels that are not as elegant as competitors around.  They do offer a good option of scents to choose from.  They are smaller than most of the ring in candle companies being 14.5oz not 16oz like most.  They give no option to pick your ring size and no option for different jewelry styles.

5.)Jewelry Candles


Company: Jewelry Candles

Wax: 100% soy wax

Size: Does not say

Where: Louisville Kentucky, USA

Price: $28.00

Different scents: site says over 100

This company is the most comparable with Jewelry In Candles.  It offers a ton of really neat things.  Wax dipped roses  a dozen with your choice of jewelry. They also offer soap and lotion.  They are the most comparable with the choice of jewelry inside and ring sizes.  You get a choice of earrings, bracelet, necklace or pendant, and ring.  The coolest thing I seen was custom candles.  They have so many different options. I compared more about the companies and noticed that their host benefits are less comparable.

6.)  Jewelry In Candles   (my company)


Company:  Jewelry In Candles

Wax:  All natural soy wax

Size:  21oz candles and 5.5 oz wick less tarts.

Where: Louisville Kentucky, USA

Price: $29.95-$24.95

Different scents: 106 and growing

Now In comparing my direct sales company.  Jewelry In Candles has the choice of necklace, earrings, or rings.  Rings come in your choice of sizes and also come in mens for select scents.   We offer Pink flame candles that offer two wicks and special designer jewelry that include bangles with charms or bracelets etc.   Each candle is hand poured by employees of the company.  The candles are all natural eco-friendly 100% natural soy wax with essential oils as scents.  We offer body butters made with Organic and Certified Toxic Free ingredients, the 24-hour moisturizer is packed with amino acids, minerals and peptides that support skin renewal. Available in three popular Jewelry In Candles fragrances and one unscented.   Also we offer two charity candles that 20% of the proceeds go to help children. One in the USA and one worldwide.  With both of those candles you get your choice of jewelry inside and a special pin to signify your donation and support.   The company is in the works to offer their very own tart warmers soon to come.  Our host rewards program is really one to compete with.  You get free shipping on parties that reach $200 in sales.  If you reach $500 in sales you get a candle made only for hosts.  It is called exclusively yours and its an exclusive scent only made for that candle.   If you reach $750+ in sales you have the opportunity to buy our party candle. 4 layers of bold scents with 4 pieces of jewelry (2 pieces are hidden inside and 2 rings for you to select your size) in this 31 oz. one-of-a-kind candle. A $99.95 value. Available in 2 scent categories:

  1. A Toast to the Host: Cosmopolitan, Peach Bellini, Jamaica Me Crazy, and Sweet Sangria
  2. Romantic Getaway: Love Potion, Midsummer’s Romance, Moonlit Serenade, and Pink Champagne







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