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Vanilla Essential oil


Vanilla essential oil has many different benefits.  Vanilla is not just something you use while baking.  It can be used as an antioxidant, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, sedative, and a tranquilizing/relaxing substance.  You don’t have to use it in making cupcakes and desserts to gain benefits from it.

I am a huge believer in natural healing as much as possible.  New age technologies have given us many benefits in advancements and curing ailments don’t get me wrong.  That being said there is also something spiritual in healing the body naturally and organically when you can.

Many of us are just unaware of how to look after our health naturally and will not get the referral from our family doctor most of the time.  You can use Vanilla essential oil as an antioxidant.  It can neutralize the free radicals in your body that contribute to cancer and other ailments.  It can help repair the damage done to the body by stimulating the body to repair such damage.

Vanilla oil can help stimulate the secretion of testosterone and estrogen which help promote sexual behavior.  You don’t always have to look to a doctor for such problems.  Try using a natural method like Vanilla first.

Vanilla can be used to help reduce a fever by fighting off infections.  It can help fight off depression and anxiety through aromatherapy.  It is great at relaxing your stresses away. By doing all of this it can help aid insomnia.

Because Jewelry In Candles offers an eco-friendly product they use essential oils inside all of their scented candles for the most all natural product they can.  They have over 106 different scents and there are a ton of them with vanilla essential oils inside.

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