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5 Benefits to using scented candles


These days there are thousands of different candles out there, so many different choices.   For the most part, we use scented candles as a luxury item.  But what makes us love candles so much?  I will give you a few of the benefits from your scented candle you may not have thought of.

1.) Enhanced relaxation

One of the most powerful ways to use a candle is while you’re taking that quiet moment to yourself.  Candles have been used as religious and spiritual rituals around the world since there have been candles.  The soft illumination of the flame can touch your soul.  By creating a calming sensation candles can help you focus putting you into an enhanced state for creative freedom.

2.)Not harmful to the environment. 

When you make the choice to use a soy based candle you are choosing a healthier environment.  Soy wax doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals used in paraffin wax.  You are stopping all of those chemicals from entering your lungs whenever you light your candle.

3.) Candles are an expression

Candles can be that added touch to your surroundings you have been needing.  Each one looks different and says a different thing about your personality.  Take time picking out your next candle and you might notice a difference in the flow of energy in the room.

4.)Essential oil scents

When the candle you have is scented with essential oils you have the benefit of enhancing your moods with aromatherapy.  Different oils can help stimulate different moods.  Lavender is great to help with a calming effect.  Eucalyptus can help with sinus problems you may be having.  Essential oil scented candles also won’t harm your lungs in any way because they are completely natural.

5.)Trigger memories

Everyone has a scent memory.  Choose a candle that will bring you back to a moment in time where you were feeling happy.  Apple pie could remind you of all of those amazing moments spent with your grandmother making pies.

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