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Day 1 of Pokemon Go

I hung out with my little sister today.  She had this new game called Pokemon Go.  I thought it seemed kind of silly at first but figured “hey kind of cool it gets you out of the house.”  We started going to some of the local tourist areas and walked around looking for Pokemon and gyms.  I found myself getting right into the game and I couldn’t even see what was happening.

We went to one of the local beaches to find these Pokemon and gyms.  This was the first beach we went to today.  Off we went in search of the first gym to fight.  While standing there, we saw another gamer.  It was neat to see another gamer standing there fighting the same gym as us.

Off we went to our next destination the main beach.  This was where I really wanted to have the game myself on my phone.  By the time we left we seen 12 gamers all playing Pokemon go.  The first thing we did when I got home was to download the game onto my phone.  I caught my first starter, which is Charmander.  I’m excited for what tomorrow brings.

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