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Eucalyptus the miracle essential oil.


Eucalyptus is one of my top favorite essential oils. Eucalyptus helps to get rid of toxins and harmful microorganisms. The best way to utilize eucalyptus oil is by diffusing it and breathing it in. It will help improve sinusitis if you use regularly while the issue occurs. It can be used as an aid with asthma and bronchitis. It helps to dilate the blood vessels and help get oxygen to the lungs.

It has amazing antibacterial properties so you can use the oil for household cleaners. It works so well it can be used to help eliminate odors. You can put a few drops in your vacuum or dryer filter to help deodorize and disinfect your floors and clothing.

There have been some studies showing how eucalyptus oil can help lower blood pressure and some other amazing studies on how it can help prevent drug-resistant bacterial infections like tuberculosis.

The list literally goes on with this miracle essential oil. It should definitely be one of your must have’s around your household. It is one of the heavy hitter essential oils covering so many different areas. Being upon one of the most powerful forms of natural medicine ever, I will never be without this essential oil.




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