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Understanding Body butters and their benefits.


Using a body butter can be one of the best ways to keep your skin nourished and healthy. If you are looking for a minimalist routine for skin care,  you can use a body butter.  Depending upon the quality you are using.  In days like these in the myriad of chemically harmful skin products, knowing what and why your using something is important.

There are so many different uses that body butters are available for.  They are so much more than just a decadent treat for your skin.  Many people overlook or are simply unaware of all of the different benefits body butters provide.  I have made a list of benefits for using body butters you may not be aware of.

1.) Super Moisturizer

A body butter is much thicker then standard lotions.  It can be used to help combat those dry patches found on your elbows, knees, and feet.  It is especially good for helping aid those dry cracked hands.  when rubbing in your body butter you’re helping to improve your circulation all while pampering your skin and aiding with those stubborn dry areas.

2.) Callus Kicker

You can get rid of those pesky over worked areas with a callus just simply by using a body butter.  The extra moisture provided helps with those stubborn areas that get over used.

3.) Improve dry hair

Just by simply adding a tiny amount to the ends of your hair and massaging in you can give life back to those over dry and damaged strands.  Forget all of those expensive salon treatments, just add to your hair daily as needed.

4.) Lip aid

Use to help restore those luscious lips to perfection.  You no longer need the expensive lip balms.  Just add a tiny amount to those lips and give them a little pick me up.

5.)Cuticle softener

There is no need to have a million products on hand for every single use.  Body butters can solve many problems.  cuticles being one of them.  Instead of going out and buying yet another product to have in your bathroom, just add some body butter to your cuticles. It is just as effective as those fancy cuticle softeners.

6.) Stretch marks

There is no end all solution for those pesky stretch marks.  By looking after the health and sustenance of your skin you can aid in reducing the look of your stretch marks.  A body butter is meant to help aid, restore, and rejuvenate your skin.


If you have ever had that awful scaly look after you shaved body butter is a great solution for that.  Just apply after you shave and create a more silky and smooth look.

8.) Make up remover

Instead of having that gross greasy effect other removers tend to leave you with. Just use a little body butter on a cotton pad and you can easily remove stubborn make up without being left feeling greasy.


Jewelry In Candles is offering an organic and certified toxic free product.  You not only get all of those benefits and uses ive talked about earlier, you get amino acids, minerals and peptides that support skin renewal. Provides a nourishing treatment with optimal moisture balance while delivering critical vitamins to boost cellular health, moisturizing even the driest skin while delivering nutritional support. Will not clog pores or cause hormone imbalance, and contains no toxic chemicals, no parabens, no phthalates and no animal testing! Exceptional as a hand, foot, and body cream.


from JIC:

” Many cosmetic products that are used daily contain harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens which greatly affect your quality of life, can cause birth defects, and serious illnesses. Products that you think are natural and safe may actually be more harmful than you realize. For example, according to the ToxicFree® Foundation (2014), for a product to certify as “non-toxic” only means that less than 50% of animal test subjects were fatally harmed after being exposed to it. This means 49% of test subjects could die when being exposed to this product and it could still pass as “Non-Toxic”! Terrifying, right? We thought so too. It can be very confusing for consumers to find out the truth in whether or not a cosmetic product they’re using is actually safe. JIC Naturals is proud to provide you with a product that does not test on animals, does not cause hormonal imbalances, contains no parabens or phthalates, and has been through strict regulations and stamped with approval from the ToxicFree® Foundation.”

So not only is Jewelry In Candles offering simply a cool body butter with your choice of jewelry.  Your getting a top of the line certified non toxic product that nourishes and sustains your skin.   You can now order an amazing product that will re new your skin and get a beautiful piece of jewelry along side. If you should be aware of what you’re putting inside of your body for health reasons then the same applies to what your putting on it as well.


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