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Other company comparison to JIC

I wanted to put together a comparison so people could see first hand the differences in other companies to Jewelry In Candles.  I have researched many of the ring in candle companies and included five.

1.) Jewel Scent



Company:  Jewel scent

Wax: Natural soy blend

Size: 16 oz for candles and 6oz for wick less tarts.

Where: California, USA

Price: $44.99-$19.99

Different scents:  21

I would rate this company the second closest in the running to Jewelry In Candles.  They have very attractive labels.  The company also offers scrubs, creams, soaps and bath beads that come with a ring inside.  You can get a lot out of this site.  The prices vary upon what you choose.   You get to pick your ring size with this company but does not come with any other jewelry styles.

2.) Charmed Aroma


Company: Charmed Aroma

Wax:  Soy blend

Size: No size shown I could see

Where: Canada

Price: $44.00- $26.99

Different scents: 11

This company is a runner-up.  I have personally ordered a candle and burnt it.  The candles come in a very attractive jar with lid.  At the time I ordered one they only had 5 scents.  A co-worker ordered all of them.  They smelled fabulous.  Points for quality on scents.  The company also offers soap, body butter, and scrub with rings.  My only thing is you do not get a choice on your ring size.  If you have smaller or larger than average hands your ring wont fit.  The rings come at random with sizes 6-8 inside.   You don’t get anything but rings as an option.

3.) Fragrant Jewels


Company:  Fragrant Jewels

Wax:  Proprietary coconut wax blend

Size: 16oz

Where: California, USA

Price:  $59.95-$24.95

Different scents: 24

I really liked the company statement.  They are working to give high quality candles.  They are doing so by giving ecologically sustainable production so the packaging is both elegant and 100% recyclable.  They also state that they do not outsource the production to china and keep everything local to support USA.  I am interested in the coconut wax blend.  I haven’t seen anything else with that out there.   The company offers bath beads, and bath bombs on top of candles.   The candles are simple yet attractive with their labels and you have the option of other products with rings inside.  You also get a choice of sizes 5-10  They do not offer any other style of jewelry though.

4.) Diamond Candles


Company: Diamond Candles

Wax: Natural soy wax

size: 14.5 oz

Where: Duram, North Carolina

Price: $39.99-$27.99

Different scents: 27

This company pours their candles at their factory in North Carolina.  Their mission statement includes a love story about their co-founders engagement and how the idea got started.  The company has very simple labels that are not as elegant as competitors around.  They do offer a good option of scents to choose from.  They are smaller than most of the ring in candle companies being 14.5oz not 16oz like most.  They give no option to pick your ring size and no option for different jewelry styles.

5.)Jewelry Candles


Company: Jewelry Candles

Wax: 100% soy wax

Size: Does not say

Where: Louisville Kentucky, USA

Price: $28.00

Different scents: site says over 100

This company is the most comparable with Jewelry In Candles.  It offers a ton of really neat things.  Wax dipped roses  a dozen with your choice of jewelry. They also offer soap and lotion.  They are the most comparable with the choice of jewelry inside and ring sizes.  You get a choice of earrings, bracelet, necklace or pendant, and ring.  The coolest thing I seen was custom candles.  They have so many different options. I compared more about the companies and noticed that their host benefits are less comparable.

6.)  Jewelry In Candles   (my company)


Company:  Jewelry In Candles

Wax:  All natural soy wax

Size:  21oz candles and 5.5 oz wick less tarts.

Where: Louisville Kentucky, USA

Price: $29.95-$24.95

Different scents: 106 and growing

Now In comparing my direct sales company.  Jewelry In Candles has the choice of necklace, earrings, or rings.  Rings come in your choice of sizes and also come in mens for select scents.   We offer Pink flame candles that offer two wicks and special designer jewelry that include bangles with charms or bracelets etc.   Each candle is hand poured by employees of the company.  The candles are all natural eco-friendly 100% natural soy wax with essential oils as scents.  We offer body butters made with Organic and Certified Toxic Free ingredients, the 24-hour moisturizer is packed with amino acids, minerals and peptides that support skin renewal. Available in three popular Jewelry In Candles fragrances and one unscented.   Also we offer two charity candles that 20% of the proceeds go to help children. One in the USA and one worldwide.  With both of those candles you get your choice of jewelry inside and a special pin to signify your donation and support.   The company is in the works to offer their very own tart warmers soon to come.  Our host rewards program is really one to compete with.  You get free shipping on parties that reach $200 in sales.  If you reach $500 in sales you get a candle made only for hosts.  It is called exclusively yours and its an exclusive scent only made for that candle.   If you reach $750+ in sales you have the opportunity to buy our party candle. 4 layers of bold scents with 4 pieces of jewelry (2 pieces are hidden inside and 2 rings for you to select your size) in this 31 oz. one-of-a-kind candle. A $99.95 value. Available in 2 scent categories:

  1. A Toast to the Host: Cosmopolitan, Peach Bellini, Jamaica Me Crazy, and Sweet Sangria
  2. Romantic Getaway: Love Potion, Midsummer’s Romance, Moonlit Serenade, and Pink Champagne







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