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I am a full-time​ chef as well as a Jewelry In Candles representative. Jewelry In Candles is something I absolutely love aside from my passion for cooking.

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Emily the Scentsy Lady



Alright, it’s time for another review.  I was put in touch with this lovely lady named Emily Noel who sells Scentsy.  Boy did she ever answer all of my questions.   I gave this company a 5-star rating.  Not only do they provide you with an amazing array of warmers for the wickless melts they offer.   Not only do they carry so many different and unique warmers but they offer plug-in warmers.


$59.40 is the retail price for this amazing warmer and by far one of my favorites on the site.


Lose yourself in a beautiful garden, where watercolor petals and branches come to life in a graceful, luminous display. Color-changing LED provides a spectrum of subtly changing the light.



At the moment Scentsy has over 80 different varieties of the awesome scent bars.  Each one of these bars is 2.6 oz and just packed with an awesome scent that will fill your house with your desired scent.


One thing I just learned from Emily is Scentsy is not just scent bars and warmers.  They provide everyday cleaners and laundry supplies.  I have seen some of Emily’s informational videos and the cleaners peaked my interest.

Counter clean is an all purpose cleaner that forms a clear barrier on any sealed surface that gets stronger with regular use… added bonus when using on stainless it fills scratches! The hand soap is what it is.. but doesn’t leave your skin dry… I have been wiping kiddos nose 10 trillion times a day and that soap doesn’t dry my skin at all – Emily

If you are looking to be pampered and have a mini spa day Scentsy can help with that as well.  I gave a rating of 5 stars because the site offers something for everyone.  They even have a kids section.  This is really a one stop shop place for anyone who loves their house smelling amazing.

Scentsy offers online or in home parties and opportunities to become a rep.

For more info and to have a look: Scentsy website



Jewelry in candles black Friday sale!

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Never be tired again with Le-vel Thrive 

Thrive experience 


Sign up for a free account now and I’ll send you a free trial of the Le-vel thrive health program.   The best part is if you find two people you get yours for free.  

Never be exaused and lethargic again. with this program you get everything your body needs all in one.

I can’t stop talking about how amazing this product is.  I will never go back to needing a whole pot of coffee or redbul just to make it through the day ever again.  this is not just a fad, it’s a way of life.  thousands of dollars worth of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, antioxidants condenced into the one 3 step program.  wait till you try it.

It’s super easy.  go to and make your free account and I will contact you to arrange a free sample trial.  then all you need is to refer two friends and yours is free.  The same will apply to them.  it is nothing but win win here so try it out.

Le-vel Thrive 💖

I’ve been taking this naturopathic health product since Feb 2016.  It took me a while to try thrive because I thought it was like every other product out there.  The whole “health patch” freaked me out.  I must of said no like 5 times until my best friend finally demanded I try it out.  I couldnt say no, it was free after all.  

That very first day I was utterly amazed at how great I felt.  So much energy it was insane.  I am a chef of a golf course restaurant and work 55-60+ hours a week.  This product has changed my life.  I no longer perpetually feel lethargic and run down.   I feel ready for the day every single day.  I get home after a long day with energy to spare. Who wouldn’t want that?  U haven’t been sick since I’ve been taking this health product.  

The best part is you don’t have to pay a dime if you have two friends that are run down as well.  Two people under you buying product gets you yours free.  You don’t need hundreds or even thousands of dollars of vitamins and supplements with this product anymore.  Three simple steps. 1. Take your vitamin as soon as you wake up. 2. Make your smoothie or shake with your enriched powder. 3. Slap on a patch.  It’s literally that easy.  It’s so easy I’ve been doing easily for 9 months.  It’s not like other products where you end up giving up.  You are set up to succeed.  You get your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics all in one.

I’ve decided I love this product and company so much I’m going to be promoting it.  Everyone needs to feel this amazing everyday.  I believe this strongly.  

If you are interested please let me know.  It will change your life and not just for a short while either.

check out Le-vel thrive now. <— just make a free account and I’ll get you started on a free trial sample asap.  

White Magick Alchemy candles


White Magick Alchemy

I am featuring this company because of how awesome and esthetically pleasing their candles are.  I am not one for magic myself but these candles are absolutely amazing. I just can not get over how pretty some of them are.

Nancy of White Magick Alchemy is of Norwegian, Romany and Hungarian decent. The company is from United States, California.  She practises paganism in the old world tradition and by no means claims to be a “witch”.  She also states you do not have to be a witch, pagan, or Wiccan in order to enjoy her product.

That is where I come in.  You will see with some of the candles I will feature just how amazing her products are.  You do not need to be a witch to see the value that is there in the quality of her candles.


Peaceful Home . Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle 2×3 Pillar . Clear Negative Energies within you Sacred Space, Balance, Renewal, New Beginnings $20.15


Witches Path . Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle 2×3 . Amethyst, Heartwood Resins . Transformation, New Beginnings, Spiritual Journeys $20.15


Queen of the Witches . Hekate Magick Candle . 2×3 Pillar . Spirit Workings, Psychic Awareness, Divination, Transformation, Personal Growth $20.15


Faerie Worlds . Ambrosia Candle 2×3 . For Faerie Magick, Sight, Nature Spirit Workings, Joy, Play, Enchantment $20.15


Haunted Harvest Candle . Lammas, Mabon, Samhain with Myrrh, Saffron, Ginger, Sandalwood, Orange, Resins, Bronze Pentacle Pendant Charm $20.15


Frankincense and Myrrh Alchemy Candle 2×3 . Blessings, Love, Peace, Abundance, Healing, Purification $20.15


Hot Sugar Love Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle 2×3 . Sugar, Amber, Lavender, Rose, Chamomile $20.15


Summer Sunset Pillar 2×3 . Summer Solstice, Evening Illumination . Grapefruit, Lemon Verbena, Lime, Lily, Creamy Vanilla Sugar $20.15

I could just keep on going.  This is by far my favourite company so far.  The mystery and spirituality of this company are compelling just on its own.  The beauty in the candles is on a different level then I’ve seen yet and I love all things candles.  The company sells more than just candles.  they do crystals, essential oils, sage smudges and so so so much more.

I will be ordering one of these beauties for myself as I just can not resist something this beautiful and spiritual.

Check them out!





Pink Flame

The above is a picture of my new Pink Flame candle that has just come in today.  I chose Mulberry punch as the candle scent and have to say that I’m very pleased with the scent.  I have been really looking forward to getting a chance to smell the newest scents added to the new Pink Flame line.  The watch I chose is the Ladies gold-toned and soft pink stainless steel watch: Size: 40 mm L (dial diameter) x 40 mm W x 9.8 mm H Jewelry Base: Stainless Steel Color: Soft Pink/Gold Plating Color: Goldtone finish Retail Price: $42.00

I have to say that the quality of this watch is amazing.  It looks even more impressive in person.  If I received this with my own Pink Flame candle I would be incredibly impressed. This candle is definitely going to make some lucky lady very happy in the near future.

This Pink Flame candle is the white peach silk blossom.  I could not wait to get a sniff of this baby!  I have to say the scent is more floral then peach.  I was expecting a lot of peach with this one and was pleasantly surprised by the subtle peach mixed with the natural floral smell.

With the peach candle, I chose an amazing tennis bracelet. I have been dying to see what one of these looks like in person and can honestly say that I’m blown away with how sparkly and beautiful this one is.  You can find this one under the Pink Flames section called trendsetting tennis bracelet: Total carat weight: 5.5 ct Materials: Cubic Zirconia Setting type: Prongs Stone size: 3 mm Stone cut: Round Stone color: Clear Retail Price: $50.00

I have decided upon these two Pink Flame candles in hopes of them both making an amazing and special holiday present for a loved one.  I have done a poll on my Vancouver Island Jewelry In Candles group on Facebook and rings was the top pick from all of the ladies and bracelet and watch the next two.

If you are looking to create your own wonderful Pink Flame combination have a look at:

Choose your Pink Flame now.

$10.00 Online voucher

10 cool candles from Pinterest.

1.) Candle Craft Award- Soejima Fumie (Fukuoka) “Hana Akari & flower drop”

tomos candle


2.)Nappipi (Tokyo)

tomos candle


3.) Candle craft grand prize- Yumiko Kurata (Tokyo)

tomos candle

4.) Cement planter candle

Joss & Main


5.) wire tree candle

wire tree candle


6.) Leaf

tomos candle


7.)Candle Craft Excellence Award- Sachiko Yoshida (Osaka)

tomos candle



Blog link


9.) Citrus



10.) Tapered-Michiko Shibuya


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